Equine Nutrition

At Wrenwood, we take feeding your horse to the next level. The best step you can take to ensure a healthy and great equine partner is feeding a balanced, complete and healthful diet. Here are just some of the benefits you get with Wrenwood Stables:

* Over 30 years of hands on experience working with and caring for horses under quality guidance of highly respected veterinarians, trainers and nutrition specialists

* Graduate of numerous accredited nutrition courses, attendance in specialized nutrition lectures and seminars of highly respected professionals

* Educated in managing horses with metabolic concerns such as Insulin Resistance, Cushings, PSSM and easy keepers

* Working knowledge of the National Research Council (NRC) guidelines of nutrition as published in Nutrient Requirements of Horses, Sixth Revised Edition. These are the readily accepted standards of the equine industry.

* Using only the highest quality, fresh coastal hay and providing it in generous quantities fed 4 times daily, adding vitamins and minerals to balance with guaranteed amino acid levels, and electrolytes. We even include generous amounts of chondrointin, glucosamine and biotin for joint and hoof support.

* Regular monitoring of general well being, body condition, temperament, performance, and overall appearance. Regular inspections of weight, coat condition and hoof quality are performed often.

Improving the diet for your horse can likely be the most cost effective and beneficial treatment for a host of equine issues. It pays to properly support your horse with good, balanced nutrition. We are pleased to offer these exceptional benefits to our clients as a means to attain our goal of providing the very best equine care possible.

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